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Cambridge Business Review


Cambridge Business Review (CBR) is a quarterly magazine published by Cambridge IFA, a financial services intelligence house that specialises in developing and utilising powerful cutting edge analytical tools to evaluate business data, assess macroeconomic indicators and understand market trends, leadership positioning and brand development relevant to the development of the financial services industry globally.

The CBR is an essential resource for business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs as it explores the latest trends and developments in the world of business and finance with a comprehensive mix of short articles from both corporate and academic contributors. CBR’s articles cover a wide range of topics that are relevant to different industries, management functions and geographical locations.

Each issue carries a specific theme with related editorial features, industry analyses, trends in the global economy and the latest information on different industries and business sectors. CBR also runs interviews with CEOs and leading figures from the industry as well as articles on topical issues that presents an in-depth look at a variety of issues of current concern. Each issue offers the right blend of industry talk, inside information and insights. All articles published are backed by authoritative editorial support from leading figures within the speciality, offer fresh perspective and help readers capitalize on business and financial opportunities.


To bring together business leaders, executives, entrepreneurs and professionals including bankers, lawyers, regulators, investors and scholars to review and discuss the latest trends, innovations and topical issues within the expanding and challenging economic and business landscape.


The CBR aims to provide insightful, though-provoking and innovative perspectives on topical issues that have significant influence in the world of business which can benefit the readers. Other aims include:

  • To foster the development of new ideas, creative approaches, and new ways of understanding the fast paced 21st century global economic environment.
  • To provide cutting-edge or refreshing perspectives and solutions across sectors and functions.
  • To provide thought-provoking contents that enable active exchange of ideas among businesses and finance practitioners.
  • To be a forum for the wider dissemination of current best practices in management and leadership.
  • To publish articles that will enhance the aptitudes, proficiencies, knowledge and information base among business leaders and professionals.

Publication Format

  • The magazine is initially proposed to be produced on a quarterly basis (i.e., 4 times per calendar year).
  • Each issue would be a minimum of 144 pages (including cover), printed in FULL PROCESS COLOR, on white gloss magazine paper.
  • Each issue would not exceed a ratio of 40% advertising to 60% editorial, and would continue to increase the number of pages in each issue as advertising space increases.
  • A media rich electronic version of each issue of the magazine would be produced and uploaded on CBR’s website.