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Nomination Guidelines

3G Awards


  • Submissions can be made on behalf of your own company or in recognition of a colleague or a partner firm
  • Nominees should follow the guidelines to ensure their submission has the best chance of winning

Be open about your achievements
Information on submissions labelled CONFIDENTIAL will only be shown to members of the judging panel so please be open about successes. At the same time, even where financial information is in the public domain, please include it to provide a full picture of performance.
Support your opinions with facts
For example, when judges compare companies on various criteria, a company which can quote data on customer satisfaction will be given precedence over one which claims "market-leading service quality" without evidence.
Be concise
Bullet points and short paragraphs supported by a couple of charts or graphs are better than long-winded presentations. As guidance, nominations should be between 500-1000 words long.
What makes you unique?
In every category, we are looking for companies that stand out from the crowd. When you list the things you do well, don't forget to emphasise where you feel you are unique among your competitors, or where you do things differently from the rest of the industry.
Follow the guidelines
While you are invited to raise any point you feel strengthens your nomination, we recommend clearly and directly addressing each point listed in the category criteria – this allows judges to easily compare like with like, and will make sure there are no areas in which your nomination has nothing to say for itself.
Keep it current
Remember that in almost all categories, the award title contains the words "of the year". For maximum impact, please refer to developments made and performance achieved in the last 12 months. While a record of success won't hurt a nomination, it is the most recent activity that will win awards for nominees.
  • Submissions should highlight the key differentiator and competitive nature of the project or implementation.
  • The judges reserve to move a submission to a more appropriate category at their discretion;
  • The judges will give priority to innovative projects and entries that provide details of key metrics highlighting the success of the project/implementation against the project's stated goals
  • Entrants should use the online entry form but may provide additional information by way of pdf or powerpoint;
  • The judges' decision is final